LABOR (Director/Producer)

The short film, Labor, is a work from collaboration between Artist Disruptors, RyanNicole and Niema Jordan. This film emerged out of The Center for Cultural Power’s workshop series, #OaklandFutures. This film is about the process of giving birth to words and the mothering of creation, while that creation is being undervalued. This poem is a response to the lack of accountability and humanity in the death of Breonna Taylor. 


Oasis (Director/Producer)

Oasis Clinic specializes in treating the underserved. The small Oakland-based nonprofit has made a name for itself in the world of Hepatitis C treatment for its focus on current and former intravenous drug users and dedication to treating this population without judgment or stigma. This film shows the resilience of Oasis patients as well as the struggles of keeping the small community clinic afloat.

Oasis Trailer from Bea K on Vimeo.



“The Chosen Life” (Associate Producer)

There are only a few doctors left in Alabama who provide abortions. Yashica Robinson is one of them. The New York Times’ Op-Docs is a forum for short, opinionated documentaries, produced with creative latitude by independent filmmakers and artists.

“Locked [In]”  (Producer)

“Locked [In],” written and performed by Gabriel Cortez, depicts the disturbing reality that many youth face in solitary confinement. The poem is inspired by an investigation from Trey Bundy and Daffodil Altan of The Center for Investigative Reporting. The Off/Page Project is a collaboration between Youth Speaks and The Center for Investigative Reporting.

2015 – Off/Page Project – “Locked [in]” by Gabriel

“Locked [In],” written and performed by Gabriel Cortez, depicts the disturbing reality that many youth face in solitary confinement. The poem is inspired by …



“Unadopted” (Impact Producer)

Of the 440,000 kids in foster care in the U.S., more than a quarter are over age 12. Adoption rates for these older kids are abysmally low. What happens when you’re “too old” to get adopted? After 20 years in foster care, Noel Anaya was never adopted. He was determined to investigate what went wrong, and finds the answers in his first documentary film.

UNADOPTED Official Trailer

All the drama of teenagehood mixed with the pain of family separation – this is a trailer for our YR Media documentary about foster care featuring Noel Anaya…



“The Pushouts” (Impact Producer)

Filmed over more than 25 years, THE PUSHOUTS weaves Rios’s inspiring dropout-to-professor narrative with stories of YO!Watts, a youth center serving 16-24 year-olds who are out of school and out of work. A then-and-now story of unusual intimacy and depth, THE PUSHOUTS trades narratives of tragedy and victimization for true stories of grit and resilience, highlighting the vast potential of young people to thrive when given access to meaningful opportunities and connections to adults who care.


This is “THE PUSHOUTS” by Big Pictures on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



“The Force” (Impact Producer)

At a powder keg moment in American policing, The Force presents a fly-on-the-wall look deep inside the long-troubled Oakland Police Department as it struggles to confront federal demands for reform, a popular uprising following events in Ferguson, Missouri, and an explosive sex scandal. Filmmaker Pete Nicks embedded with the department over the course of two years to follow OPD’s serial efforts to recast itself. The film spotlights the new chief, hailed as a reformer, who is brought into effect reform at the very moment the Black Lives Matter movement emerges to demand police accountability and racial justice both in Oakland and across the nation.

The Force – Official Trailer

Peter Nicks’s THE FORCE opens 9/15 in San Francisco and 9/22 in New York and Los Angeles before expanding to select cities. At a powderkeg moment in American…